Bearded dragons pets

pogona pequeña y pogona grandeThe popular bearded dragon  Pogona vitticeps is a medium-sized agamid rarely exceeds 45 cm in length. They are sturdy, short-legged and compact bodies with large heads and big mouths. His appearance with full throat prickly thorns and sharp lines of its sides has earned them this popular nickname of bearded dragons. However, its scientific name and reveals, for Pogon means “bearded”. This is even more remarkable when Pogona is threatened, at which incha addition to flatten your neck and stretch your body, looking much larger, menacing and full of quills than it actually is. Not surprisingly, the spikes vitticeps are not steely touch. Except when you have stretched skin that can punch a bit, but it’s nothing serious nor is common in captivity exhibit this behavior.

The pogonas are also greedy creatures by nature. Omnivorous lizards try to swallow anything by calculating between its jaws: a cricket singing, a lower lizard in size, a small mammal or a juicy lamb’s lettuce. That’s right, the pogonas are opportunistic and voracious reptiles, and for this side of him why we will easily earn your trust. Soon keeping any Pogona vitticeps come to eat from our hands. Literally.
It is perhaps this is the quality that most loved and lovable make our little dragons. Anyone who finds kept a bearded dragon will have been surprised at how quickly acclimate to human presence and become confident with us. They are savvy reptiles, and learn what their swift time and space to eat. And enjoy them roaming free sessions is an added value to the maintenance of these interesting Australian agamids.

pogona en su terrario

But do not let the excitement carry you; yes, Pogona vitticeps is often friendly and confident lizard, is a hard animal that does not require excessive care and a dramatic note. But it also has basic needs including specialized lighting UVB (like a lot of reptile pets, of course!), a terrarium of considerable size, and also its metabolism and gluttony far exceeds that of most reptiles are often commonly found in stores specialized in reptiles, and all this only comment that the consumption of electricity and “food” for our Pogona are something to consider for the family economy.

However, if you decide to purchase a bearded dragon Pogona vitticeps and to have it in the best conditions, and you plan everything you need for proper maintenance, you’ll have at home the most exotic pet friendly and grateful that you can imagine!

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